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Our Roots

As a 3 generation family of builders, Anthony has had construction deep in his blood since before he was born. Always with a hammer in his hand since the age of 7, Anthony grew up tinkering on projects around the home, inspired by the career path and the passion of his old man. His father Tony, who has been in the game for over 60 years, took him under his wing as an apprentice at the age of 19. He attributes his dedication to quality to the lessons his old man taught him during the early days. Anthony eventually joined another company for a few years, learning a lot of the intricacies of project management and major construction, before going out to embark on his own journey as a home builder.

Family was obviously a big part of Anthony's values and starting a business was always going to encapsulate these family values. He even named the business as part of the family too, with "Two Tone" cleverly spawned as a play on words from his name Anthony, and his old man's name, Tony. Once operations were full steam ahead, he brought everything full circle by poaching his dad back to be an integral part of Two Tone Constructions. Together, they combine their minds and solve problems as not only father and son, but mates.


What we stand for

Alongside being an amazing place to work, Two Tone prioritises connection, approachability, and relationship with our customers and the community. We aim to achieve anything you desire and will always be honest about the scope. Being in the industry for decades, Anthony has learnt that staying small but highly capable is best for our clients. It means we can connect personally with each and every client and our customers love that they get to deal directly with Anthony, every step of the build.

It's our strong family values and deep appreciation of a healthy work/family life balance that makes it easy for us to empathise and connect with your vision.

Let us Craft your Dream home