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PAC Process (Paid as a Consultant) in Melbourne

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Get your home built on time, on budget, and exactly how you dreamed with our PAC Process

Whether you're considering a home renovation, an extension to your heritage-listed Melbourne property, or an entire new home build, Two Tone Construction offer a PAC Process that is perfect for meeting all of your home building needs.

Our PAC process allows us to work closely with you from the early stages of the design and planning of your build to manage a build that meets your budget. The planning stage is where budgets are set, timelines are laid out, and expectations are made. This is why it is important that every aspect of your build is designed and planned correctly prior to commencement of construction.

We often see clients bring us home plans that they have fallen in love with, only to have their dreams shattered when proposals are submitted at the unexpected pricing.

Two Tone Construction's PAC Process allows us to work in early partnership with you on your renovation, extension, or new build to ensure the design and planning phase aligns perfectly with budgets and timelines. No more heart attacks when receiving your proposal for the first time! Our PAC Process cuts it all out, making for a stress-free building experience.

What is PAC Process?

To put it as simple as possible, the PAC process is when a builder comes on board as early as possible in the project. Jumping on as early as the pre-design phase, the builder acts as your consultant during the entire process of the project.

It helps you stay on track, on time, and on budget, in an industry where plans and budgets often get blown out from the initial expectations of the build. With PAC process, you'll develop a close relationship with your builder ensuring your needs are met every step of the way.

It differs from the standard design-tender-build process, where clients take their completed plans to numerous builders to pick the quote that best suits them at the time. The issue with this is budgets and timelines are easily blown way over the mark as the builder had no say in the initial home plans.

Selecting Two Tone Construction as your builder prior to the completion of your home plans means we can work hand in hand during the plan's design phase. This allows us to orchestrate the entire build with the exact knowledge needed to complete your build on budget, on time, and most importantly of all, exactly like you dreamed.

The Benefits of PAC Process

Whether you've already started working with a designer or looking to work with one, getting involved with us pre-construction phase will benefit you greatly in the long run. No contract needs to be signed to work with us at this stage, making it a great way to learn about how we operate as builders.

Some of the benefits that our PAC Process brings you are the following:

  • On budget - From the very start, you'll be given a cost-analysis to ensure you end up with a design that you not only fall in love with, but can afford to finish building.
  • Milestones are met - With fewer road bumps and much more oversight on the entire process, our team can not only iron out issues as they arise, but foresee them before they start. Building a home is complex, but a PAC Process allows us to make for a much smoother build for you and everyone involved.
  • You have more control over the build - Seeing as you aren't signing a contract at this stage, you have the chance to work with us to see if we're a good fit for the build before committing to large amount of money. The knowledge and understand you'll have throughout the entire process also allows you to make changes easier without compromising the design or the budget.

Let's sit down together for a consultation and get to know your vision for your home upgrade today.

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